Community based multiplayer game

ChatRise is an IP-to-IP messaging program which has 2 multiplayer games inside:
A battleship game and a checkers game.

Its key features are:
- Needing very low data bandwidth
- Audio capture and send,
- Image capture and send,
- Automatic start with SMS push registry,
- Send IP over SMS and push start,
- Battleship game: two players over internet,
- Checkers game: two players over internet, based on Custom Item,
- Animated smileys,
- Ergonomic design,
- The message screen uses Custom Item, so write and see what is happening.
- The user can save incoming pictures and resend them
- Audio format selection
- Image format and size selection
- Ergonomic full screen design
- Key Lock,
- Auto re-connect
- Two languages supported: English, Turkish

ChatRise download